Volume Three: Winter 2016

Welcome to the third volume of Et cetera!  Prepare to be entertained by these original works written by student bloggers.

We ask that you take the time to post a kind comment about a work that particularly speaks to you and to consider following the blogs that really pique your interest.

Thanks for stopping by. Happy reading!

~ Miranda Keskes, teacher and editor of Et cetera 

Award-Winning Writers

“A Lot Can Happen” by the Messy Blogger
“Villanelle” by missannieoakley
“Life’s Dilemma” by arwyn3
“You” by empty gallons
“Abecedarian” by scatteredthoughts
“Looks Like Rain is a Comin” by MarvelVarietal
“Until” by Unknown
“The Silent Struggle” by Perfect Pisces
“Insomniac” by Kalluring
“Ode to Jim” by Mr. Bloognish

“Part 2: The Forsaken” by windrunner98
“The Return” by lookinbueno
“The Marking” by apartoftheonlything
“The ‘Painting'” by occupantspace
“The Kind Man” by Writing Vibes
“There was Nothing, but Something” by Classified Veda
“Untitled” by LiteraryLizard97

“Herostratus” by Io
“Fourteen” by toridog
“Screenplay” by tyrotoxism
“Sperotopia” by MyOwnSoliloquy

Creative Essays
“The Struggle with Great Ideas” by Creative Vibe
“This Small Blue Rock” by Third Eye
“Yet Another Rock Bottom” by Joanna Mort
“I Still Don’t Understand” by theSRize
“The Leap” by dazeddaydreamer21
“A Study on Words of Power” by Fully Unconventional
“The Playground” by elevenelevenam
“Warm Toasty Pancakes” by Jumentous
“Worth It” by Night Lapse
“When the Sparkle Fades” by MindGalaxy
“Built to be Lost” by the Mexican Penguin