Volume Five: Winter 2017

Welcome to the fifth volume of Et cetera!

We ask that you take the time to post a kind comment about a work that particularly speaks to you and to consider following the blogs that really pique your interest.

Thanks for stopping by. Happy reading!

~ Miranda Keskes, teacher and editor of Et cetera 

Award-winning Writers

“Adoption/Sacrifice” by Writing in Orange
“Bad Habits” by Back into the Atmosphere
“The Boy Who Explored” by Maplevalley
“But I am Fine” by Down the Other Road
“Bystander” by Key to Fit
“Chasing Dreams” by a little world of wonder
“City Lights” by My Worlds
“Fog” by Neither Apples Nor Oranges
“Glue” by Jumbled Random Thoughts
“I Have Anxiety” by The Unforgettable Blog
“Hurricane” by Infinite Wonders
“Locked Away” by Writingforthesoul
“Motivation” by The Thinker
“Paint” by Twisted Phalanges
“Promise” by the lost soul
“The Sound of Water” by Catalytic Moments
“A Tragic Light” by Words for the Mind
“Trapped” by Rants and Explosions
“A True Christian” by Writing 4 the Teen Soul
“What Are You Looking For” by She Walks Like Rain
“Who Will Fix Me” by That Weird Kid

“Elysium” by a small piece of truth
“Frenemies” by Message Man
“The Hero Known as Z” by One Tail
“Her Red Washed Away” by Mindless Addictions
“Time” by the Red Rose Blooming in Winter

Creative Essay (non-fiction)
“Absolute” by Kings Rising
“Autumn” by The Intrepid
“Blackout” by Crescent Bridge
“A Crippling Song” by the Back Burner
“Intimidation Vacation” by Peace and Mind
“That One Time at Band Camp” by The Lonely Band Nerd
“Time Spent” by theIdealistWriting


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