“To My Closet Extroverts”

This is a cento poem lovingly created from the words of my first hour Creative Writing class: a seemingly timid, yet bold batch of early morning writers.

“You’ve taught me more than you know.”

It’s okay to be scared.

I’ll tell you why.

Everybody has their obsession;

you never know how far your mind can go

after feeling so alone.

Palms against an immortal window,

so beautiful but very unseen,

cut by their words snipping at our very souls like scissors.

Yet I find it rather interesting

they sit, watch, and wonder what to do —

there is no living in monochrome forever.

I was just a visitor, a stranger in a land that was not mine

onward toward this unknown

to reunite with creativity:

a journey that’s worth taking.

Check in with people you love.

It’s okay if your eyes leak.

“Everything is will be fine.”

Zealous support always here for you:

your indescribable beauty.

“I see you!”

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